Civil Rights Movement 1963

The March On Washington In Pictures

28 août 1963 © Estate of Leonard Freed – Magnum Photos (Brigitte Freed)

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Agata Serge is a young self-taught photographer from Lodz, Poland who currently…

Beautiful Portraits of Women With Freckles

Agata Serge is a young self-taught photographer from Lodz, Poland who currently based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Agata started photography in she shoots a lot of portrait, black and white…

The fact that this is in black and white gives it a timeless could've been taken now or some decades ago. I like that i can see just one eye and the other is covered by her hair, it gives an equal amount of attention to the tussled up hair and her piercing eye. To the point, she looks hot in just a leather jacket and messy hair...making something simple into something edgy.

The 10 Most Successful People With ADHD

Experimenting on themes? Try out this black and white inspired Christmas decoration. Create custom Christmas trees and ornaments using black and white things that you can find and put together around the house.

65 Christmas Home Decor Ideas

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