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BLADE AND SOUL - Cinematic da INFINITE TOWER de 100 andares (Server Chin...

BLADE AND SOUL - Jogando com o Destroyer no server Jiwan | VÍDEO SEM EDI...

My entries to the Blade & Soul chinese server Server’s second costume design…

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Blade and Soul China : Test Server Play Through - Vote for the character you want to see. iMMOsite - Get your gaming life recorded - my.mmos...

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It has been almost a month since the EU/NA version of Blade and Soul was released. Many current players have noticed a reduction of the population on servers which is to be expected, of course, though there is some thought that this will continue until the game finds its core audience.

Blade and Soul MMO Character Creation

Blade & Soul Closed Beta 4.0

Another 6 New Servers Are Online in Blade and Soul

Blade & Soul adds first player-designed costume

NCSoft has sent word that the first information has been delivered to the Blade & Soul site about the next content expansion that is set to hit live servers on July 20th. Called Shadows of the Innocents, new content includes Acts 5 and 6 that continues the story line after the fall of the Dark Lord. In addition, Three new heroic dungeons will be incoming, one of which features 4- or 6-players, the other a 24-player instanced dungeon.

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