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uma personagem demoniaca de Bleach Mais

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*Ichigo Returns* - Bleach Anime Photo (37189455) - Fanpop

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Bleach - Byakuya: Looking Back by =keelerleah on deviantART

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Yoruichi shihoin

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Ichigo... saudades

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This was a major part of my childhood too. Finally the anime ended but the manga is still going and everyone is dying. Such a shame.

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Bleach © Kubo Tite 11th division. Probably my favorite division. Bunch of blood thirsty idiots. Love them.

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Gotei 13 Card Set by on @deviantART

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He's back in the manga. Now,Tite Kubo all you need to do is to bring Ulquirroa back and the fangirls won't kill you just saying......

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