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Color Palette #2630 (Color Palette Ideas)

Color Palette - Like this palette - thininking mostly grey room with accents of red, orange and one of the blues (

COMPLEMENTARY CONTRAST Complementary colors - blues and oranges, blues allow the orange to stick out especially with the texture

Before and After: Capitol Hill Renovation - Traditional Home Oranges in blue & white bowl - beautiful.

Colour Love // 47

blue and orange--- I have become enamored with this color combination. if I had to choose colors to represent my life.they would be orange and blue.

Sapphire blue and orange glass jewel dangle earrings, drop earrings. Modern everyday jewelry,cobalt blue and orange wedding earrings.

Red, orange, cream, blue and dark blue all work together to create a contrasting color palette. It can be used for decoration or to create the elements of