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Nesta segunda-feira (15), o campus Serra Talhada do Instituto Federal do Sertão Pernambucano (IF Sertão-PE) deu as boas vindas aos estudantes aprovados no Processo Seletivo 2016, com entrada para o...


Curadoria de conteúdo. Exemplo: texto de boas-vindas aos estudantes calouros.

de ONU Brasil

ONU convida sociedade civil a responder questionário sobre povos indígenas; prazo é 6 de abril

Tadodaho Sid Hill, chefe da nação Onondaga, dando as boas-vindas aos participantes da Conferência Mundial sobre Povos Indígenas, em setembro de 2014. Foto: ONU/Cia Pak

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40 belos motivos para adorar o verão {+18

Você prefere peito ou bunda?

The dinning hall is buzzing with everyone talking about their pranks and what they had done over the Summer. The headmistress takes a deep breath before getting everyone’s attention. “Welcome back, everyone, to another year of learning, dangerous missions and training. I hope everyone had a good break and a fun day, but-“ She cuts off when she sees the Elite that went to a mission walk in, Eve and Kat covered in blood, as well as Darren. “But school starts tomorrow, meaning that you all have…


Learn a West African welcome song with “Fanga Alafia” which means “Welcome, peace, good will to you!” Also included in this lesson pak is a student article on Liberia, a recorded pronunciation guide for the Yoruba lyrics, and guided instructions on how to improvise a percussion accompaniment. Use this welcome song for the beginning of the school year, or to welcome guests to your classroom or school.


Cinnamon, Orange, And Hazelnut Morning Buns

Cinnamon Orange Hazelnut Morning Buns


Meet your Posher, Jasmine Hey everyone!! I'm jasmine and welcome to my closet:) I'm just your average college nursing student with a love for fashion, specifically, shoes!!:) but in order to feed my addiction I have to let go of certain things:(have a look around, everything is in really good condition so just throw me an offer! Also I'm fairly new to poshmark and being a posher so if you guys have any advice, I'd love to hear! Can't wait to look at your closet, happy poshing:):) Meet the…