tina belcher and gene belcher

Funny pictures about Poor Tina. Oh, and cool pics about Poor Tina. Also, Poor Tina photos.

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burgers Well, I just found my new road rage line. Are you Jennifer Slowpez when you walk?

My last words are probably gonna be sarcastic tbh

Sarcasm is my love language

Bob's Burgers The Belchies. "We're about to die, Louise. Do you really want your last words to be sarcastic?

"That's what we had yesterday!"

Hell Jail

Funny pictures about Hell Jail. Oh, and cool pics about Hell Jail. Also, Hell Jail photos.

Tina from Bob's Burgers Twerking

21 Random Funny Pics & Memes for the Strange at Heart

Because they don’t need to sugarcoat anything:

22 Times "Bob's Burgers" Nailed Parenting