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Ferrero Rocher Nutella Cupcakes

This nutty, chocolatey treat is the dessert Nutella lovers have always dreamed of.

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Verdades resumidas em uma imagem.

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GUYS. WE ARE UP TO 34,000+!!!!! PLEASE GO VOTE FOR THE PERCY JACKSON TV SHOW. CLICK ON THE PICTURE TO VOTE!!!PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE VOTE!!!! WE CAN DO THIS I KNOW WE CAN DO IT!!! PIN EVERYWHERE EVEN IF YOU DIDN'T VOTE! <--- Right nog there are alredy 51,399 people that have signed this petition. Still 23,601 more people needed!

My name is Percy Jackson Am I a troublew kid? Yeah. You could say that

Um yaaaaaas

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They are seriously the best couple ever. I will never be completely satisfied with a man who isn't Percy, haha.

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Percy and Annabeth are on holiday and they're getting ready to go to the beach with the rest of the 7 and Will and Thalia. Percy says to Annabeth "you would look great in this. Holding up a blue t-shirt with a trident on it and the back saying ms Annabeth Jackson in grey and Annabeth replying "and you would look better without this" grabbing Percy's shirt and kissing him. 

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post-tartarus percy with jason

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If you don't already know, just leave.... Please -.-" I don't have time to deal with out unnerdified people.

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