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Embrulhe presentes com personalidade! Recorte o tampa da caixa e feche hermeticamente o vidro Use uma fita adesiva para alinhar ...

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Viper VaporPatch All Weather Orange Tape/Patch/Boot - 11.5" x 50'


Just needed some adhesive velcro on my dress. Stuck on like double sided tape for this shot and peeled right off. Those boots were stinky though.

Repaired a pair of shoes with this about a month ago. (Hole worn through the sole, separation from upper.) You need about the whole bottle to do one shoe. (I got a two pairs done but wanted to apply a little more product.) When doing the heel or working to the edge of the sole you must make a tape barrier or it will ooze over the side as it dries. Not super pretty but it's held up well. Totally recommend this to add life back into a favorite shoe. Dried kind of wrinkly on the edges of the…

Horse People! Pre-constructed, disposable, adhesive hoof wrap. Takes SECONDS to prep and apply. No need to make a duct tape hoof wrap by hand again!

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Des bottes en caoutchouc personnalisées avec de l’adhésif

Des bottes en caoutchouc personnalisées avec de l’adhésif // rubber rain boots personalized with masking tape

DIY fabric floor mat...super easy to make!

Blackmail Cards $12.95 Kidnapping people isn't as easy as it seems. There's so much planning with finding a car with good boot space, buying the rope and gaffer tape from Bunnings and trying to come up with a believable reason to buy a ski-mask in the middle of January. The most time consuming part is sitting down with a glue stick and some glossy mags and cutting out letters for your ransom note unless you have this kit of course!