Desslok, I would love to see an online comic strip with that art style. But, it must include that Jedi and the Rodian.

Star Wars Bounty Hunter, Ross Jackson on ArtStation at https://www.artstation.com/artwork/oQVLk

Good colors, interesting stomach / tabard continuation, shnees, weapon with cylinder and magazine is very swarsy.

Bounty Hunter - Necromunda - Warhammer 40K - GW

Cold Trade


Once the proud defenders of law and justice, the Vindatus have been reduced to mere bounty-hunters, applying their magic and cunning to the highest bidder.

Boba Fette - Created by Petri Rahkola

Official Post from Petri Rahkola: "Bobafette" My female version of Bobafett. I have stuck in this Star Wars theme :D Tried to make it detailed as i can but then i realize that i have used too much time in this.