bradley james

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King Arthur will have medium length, dark blonde hair and his make up will be natural as shown. The rest of the men including, Lancelot, Merlyn, Mordred, Galahad, Gareth, Gawaine, King Pellinore, Sir Kay, Sir Ector, Agravaine, Sir Bruce Sans Pitié, Uncle Dap, Sir Thomas Malory and Uther Pendragon will have the same natural face makeup.

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é lindo o filho da mãe

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Arthur Pendragon! ... probably prefers Bradley James. "Dancing On The Edge".

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Bradley James as William Bailey ..When he raises his head , the evening light reflects his messy blond hair and our eyes meet. It feels like we have a life between us . A life since my lies ruined us . A life since I thought that a girl like me could have their happily ever after....

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Presenting Bradley James the newest pretty boy in my collection of my obsession of male celebrities

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Bradley James is now on iZombie....which of course makes me super duper excited smile-

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Bradley James as King Arthur - Swoon!

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Bradley James gif....swoooooooon! (Though he looks a bit demented because of the speed of this gif…does he have a mental disorder?)

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braddersjames: 22/100 edits of bradley james : in a land of merlin

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