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For my next tattoo I want to incorporate the heart being stitched closed, and I love how it looks in this sketch


Ginnifer Goodwin makes the best Snow White!!! She is so pretty! Truly is the fairest of them all ;)

Orlando Bloom's Nine Tattoo. The nine members who made up the Fellowship of the Ring decided to all get the same tattoo near the end of filming since they all had spent so much time together and become so close. The word nine was chosen to be written in Tengwar script and the film’s calligrapher was kind enough to draw a few versions up to choose from. The one that was chosen is now on Bloom’s inner wrists that you can catch a glimpse of in Pirates of the Caribbean.

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Wish I Could Be Art Print

Little Mermaid LOVE THIS I want this as a tattoo


"Punto y espacio" No te quiebres ante dolore pasados Levanta la cara Sacude las penuras de tu ser Y llora porque el salir del sol Es todos los dias Rie porque la luna te sonrie Las cicatrices se quedaran Mas tu no Hoy ya no Mañana talvez Y el pasadomañana no existe


WDCC Disney Classics Steamboat Willie Mickey Mouse Ornament #WDCCDisneyClassics #Art . Ship's Wheel: Flat porcelain wheel plussed with gold paint accents and a black and white decal of Mickey as Steamboat Willie in the center. Created in honor of '75th Anniversary of Walt Disney Company.' Reads '75 years of Love and Laughter on back. 1998 Production Only.


Arrow arm tattoo #tattoos …


78109993286661437859 Dr. Woo may be the coolest tattoo artist in Los Angeles Imgur sweet

Bruno is Cinderella's dog and is very loyal to her. He was given to Cinderella by her father before he died and they grew very close to each other. Bruno and Lucifer, the Tremaines' cat, do not get along and have many encounters throughout the story.