Sure these colors are photo shopped but I am posting because they are the perfect shades of brilliance but with a calming accent splash.

Framework - This old lady is all bright, even clashing, colors to kinda lend to the otherworldly vibe she's got going on.

flora brights

How Can You Detox your Life from the Ordinary?

Colour Love // 77 - colour palette, color, green, yellow, blue, orange, bright, neon, fluro, bird

Colour Love // 77

I like the color of the bird-Parakeet - National Geographic Photo Contest 2012 - National Geographic

blue and co colors

Color Wander

Lennon's Room - He wants orange, I like this combination Summer Brights Coastal Decor Color Palette Kids bathroom or bedroom maybe?

Bottega packaging branding on Behance by Discromie curated by Packaging Diva PD. What can you do with a can, icons and some color?

Really like this packaging concept! The icons on the top make it obvious what jam you're looking at and the typography on the front is nicely laid out. Nice bright color palette too.

Follow me: The colors of the future would be able fun and bright colors of the fall but would also focus on the color purple because it is fun

petalled palette (design seeds)

Bright Color Palette with #turquoise

Friday Favorites

[tps_header] Is there a wedding décor detail as beloved as the Mason jar? We think not — unless it’s the more elusive blue Mason jar. Here are some photos of beautiful and creative blue mason jar wedding ideas.

This week’s cozy and bright color inspiration comes from the shelf of Hill Country Weavers in...

a yarn-inspired color palette (Akula Kreative)