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The trees of the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest, in the White Mountains near Bishop, California, are the oldest living recorded organisms on Earth. Many of the trees are over years old, with the “Methuselah” tree dated at more than years old.

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Resembling a growing rock rather than a plant, the bristlecone pine is the longest-living tree on the planet. These trees grow in the White Mountains, just east of the Sierra Nevada. Share this:Sha…

Bristlecone Pine" High in the White Mountains of the Inyo National Forest in California are gnarled bristlecone pines well over 4,000 years old. The Methuselah trail in the Schulman Grove is home to many of these ancient trees. They sprouted during glacial times, fifteen centuries before the birth of Christ. -Discover Magazine

San Francisco photographer Beth Moon spent 14 years photographing the world's oldest trees.

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Bristlecone pine tree, Great Basin National Park, Nevada

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One of the world's ten oldest living trees: Bristlecone pine tree, Great Basin National Park, Nevada