Eddy: 'Did somebody call me or not???'   Bubble: 'WHO CAN SAAAAAAY?'

In celebration of the upcoming release of Absolutely Fabulous: Anniversary Specials DVD, here is one our favorite quotes from Bubble: "Ooo.

Bubble Ab Fab: "You have a sister (a sister...a sister... a sister)"

Bubble Ab Fab: "You have a sister (a sister.a sister. a sister)"

jane horrocks (Ab Fab)~~~"No no, no no no....there's no limit!" LOL

The return of Absolutely Fabulous marks the return of my alter ego Patsy Stone, and the one and only trendsetter, Bubble!

Absolutely LOVE this show!!!

Absolutely Fabulous - Eddy, Saffron, Bubble, and Patsy. Loves me some Bubble :)

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