DIY Couples Halloween Costume Ideas - Buddy the ELF and Jovie Movie Character Couples Handmade Costume DIY Tutorial via The House of Cornwall

DIY Funny, Clever and Unique Couples Halloween Costume Ideas

My Buddy Elf Costume 2.0

This is the Jovie and Buddy Elf Costumes Custom Made Elf Costumes by MirrorUniverse I'm determined to modify patterns to make these!

Flavors Of My Rainbow: How to Make "Buddy The Elf" Shoes For Halloween

My custom orders for Halloween this year included "Buddy the Elf" for Toddler 2 and Boys sizes 8 and While thinking about the Elf shoes .

Free Pattern to Sew Elf Shoes - Curly Toed Costume Shoes

Need an Elf Costume? Use This Free Pattern to Sew Your Own Shoes

Free Pattern and Directions to Sew Elf Costume Shoes --I just made these for my daughter out of felt, and they were quick, easy and fun!

Buddy the Elf and Jovi Halloween costumes

Halloween 2013 has already been epic! At work on Friday we had a party over lunch for a coworker who is moving, and also celebrated Hallowe.

Cute Winter Outfits - Buddy the Elf

10 Cute Winter Outfits Inspired By Our Favorite Elf Characters

Buddy the Elf (girl) Christmas Costume - CLOTHING

Buddy the Elf (girl) Christmas Costume - CLOTHING - I made this Buddy inspired costume last year to wear for ChristmasI added the plush fur to the dress. I made the hat, the curly toed shoes and the Etc

Dressing up as Santa's little helper is a fun way to fool the kids. But you have to have the costume exactly right so as not to arouse any suspicions. Don't forget your elf shoes, which you can whip up out of leftover costume fabric in a few minutes.

How to Make Elf Shoe Covers