Elf fans, these Buddy The Elf Cookies look just like Buddy's breakfast. Get the recipe on Delish.com.

Buddy The Elf Cookies

Buddy the Elf Christmas Wreath by KBWreaths on Etsy

National Tree 24 Inch Crestwood Spruce Wreath with Silver Bristles, Cones, Red Berries and 50 Battery Operated Warm White LED Lights - My Cute Christmas

How To Make Buddy The Elf’s Breakfast Spaghetti

Buddy the Elf Spaghetti Cupcakes by Not Your Momma's Cookie (Yes, there are cupcakes under the "Spaghetti" icing)

Buddy The Elf Christmas Party Table - Lady Behind The Curtain. Create your own Elf-inspired Christmas party theme!

Buddy the Elf Christmas Party Table

Create these fun Buddy the Elf High Hat Cupcakes for your kids Christmas Party! "Elf" is one of my families favorite holiday movies.

20 Elf Quotes You Can Use Any Time of Year.  Just love this movie!

20 Elf Quotes Perfect For Using Every Day of the Holiday Season

Elf is a movie that never gets old, and even though it's firmly a holiday movie, we find ourselves quoting the Will Ferrell comedy year-round. Buddy the Elf