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Architect builds tiny timber barn for adorable pygmy goats in Bavaria

Michael Kühnlein, cabras pigmeu, Bavaria, celeiro de cabra, abrigo de cabra, galpão de madeira, galpão de madeira, asseado, pranchas de abeto, Holzbaupreis Bayern 2014, arquitetura de madeira

Galeria de Hotel Petaholic / sms design - 4

Hotel Cachorro,Ferragens,Pirulitos,Serralheria,Escolas,Arquitetura,Projeto Vet,Loja De Design,Fotos Animais

Here Are All The Cat Breeds You Never Knew Existed

European Shorthair European shorthair is a fancy way of classifying your “Average Joe” of the cat world. These cats originated in Europe and their colors vary immensely. Personality-wise they vary a lot as well, from super affectionate and fun playmates to reclusive and sneaky hunters.


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Community Post: 15 Animals Who Wish They Were Still This Cute

Finally, my favorite ducky extracted from that really huge pin with all the cute animals. <3

5 Interesting Facts About Bengal Cats, Click The Pic To Read

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How to Keep Pygmy Goats

How to Keep Pygmy Goats |

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