Camisetas para os Whovians-Doctor Who é a série de ficção científica mais antiga da televisão; entre idas e vindas, o Doutor está no ar desde 1963, estando atualmente na sua décima primeira encarnação. Se você gosta deste show e quer mostrar que é um whovian (como são conhecidos os fãs do seriado), pode usar uma das várias camisetas com referências ao show do Time Lord mais conhecido das galáxias.

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"If it doesn't have to do with Sherlock, Doctor Who or food then I don't care." - Slogan T-Shirt

This episode scared me when I first saw it! But not as much as the weeping angels.... Those I can do without!!

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Judging by the look of you, family man, nice house, decent wage, fought in the war, therefore I represent Queen and country! Just doing a little check of her Majesty‘s subjects before the great day. Don‘t mind if we come in? Nah, didn‘t think you did.

haha we used to do this at uni too ... lmao

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Doctor Who TARDIS Scarf U.K.-based Rooby Lane creates playful made-to-order clothing with fantasy and science fiction themes from books, movies and television shows like Doctor Who, Lord of the Rin...

Abbey Road was the Beatles 11th studio album. Matt Smith is the 11th Doctor. It only seemed right to do a mashup.

Do I Look Like a People Person?

Must have!

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