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Vintage Airline Poster Jamaica by British West Indies Air or "BeeWee" part of Caribbean Airlines

Long Sleeve by Hood By Air

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Architizer Blog » Shockwaves Damage Oscar Niemeyer Brasilia Landmark

PURIFICACION AIRLIFE te dice efectos adversos en la salud humana del ozono y oxidantes fotoquímicos Dañan las vías aéreas produciendo: aumento de hiperractividad bronquial, inflamación bronquialveolar, aumento de la permeabilidad vascular-pulmonar, aumento de la broncoconstricción.

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Air Plant Terrarium - Hanging Glass Orb - Green - White - Home and Garden - Green Gift - Home Decor

Hanging glass orb terrarium with air plant - Tillandsia Caput Medusae - green reindeer moss - dried baby's breath flowers. $28.00, via Etsy.

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Heart in Voh from-above-collection-yann-arthus-bertrand-2

Staghorn Fern Sporangia by BlueRidgeKitties, via Flickr Close-up view of the sporangia on a fertile Staghorn Fern frond right at the edge between the sterile and fertile part on the underside of the leaf. On these ferns, the entire top part of the underside of the frond turns fertile and a velvety brown when the sporangia reach maturity. These leaves are covered in starburst-like clusters of (leaf hairs). As the sporangia grow, they push through the layer of hairs and burst open to…

Should something more serious happen,you will be covered worldwide for medical transport via helicopter.

by Art of the Luggage Label, via Flickr; Color, type

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