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Carteira De Estudante Internacional

The euro is a controversial currency, but one thing that we can agree upon is that this currency might look a lot better if Hungarian graphic design student Barbara Bernat had anything to say about it. She created a series of fictional Hungarian euros with beautiful and elegant illustrations of European plants and animals that I would just love to have a wad of in my lonely and empty wallet.


Carteira internacional de estudante aceita em 120 países e oferecendo mais de 40 mil benefícios no mundo.

Here are some cards that can help students save

8 simple rules for using your Debit and Credit Cards in Europe

Make an Emergency Flash Drive and Take it With You Whenever You Travel

Já pensou nisso? 1 pendrive de emergência para levar junto sempre que vc viajar

What All College Students Should Hear

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After increasing price of petrol in India by Rs 7.50 per liter last week, thanks to weakening Rupee, government of India faced opposition from everyone. Lucky for them, they are now able to roll back last week's hike by a good Rs 2 per liter as International oil prices have declined sharply over the last week. Oil companies in India have announced that petrol will be cheaper by Rs 1.68 (excluding local taxes and VAT) from midnight tonight.

I Fund Everything In My Life With Credit Card Points

I Fund Everything In My Life With Credit Card Points -- "I have three simple steps for using credit cards. Step one: Use credit cards for every purchase possible. Step two: Always pay off balances in full each month. Step three: Profit!"

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