The port of ancient Carthage. The Roman control began with the victory in the 3rd Punic War in 146 BCE. This truly would have been worth living to see....One of the strongest city-states in the world at that time.

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Harbors of Carthage, with Cape Bon visible in the distance. The ruins of the Punic town Kerkouane are located on the Cape Bon peninsula. The cape, with its looming, double-peaked Bou Kornine Mountain, a name that comes down through the ages, corrupted from Ba’al Karnine, the twin-horned god of ancient Carthage.

Bearded head pendant,protective amulet. Sand-core glass (4th-3rd BCE) from Carthage, Tunisia 6 cm

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My Kemetic Dreams, kemetic-dreams: AFRICAN KINGS SERIES | Hannibal...

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Map of the first and second Punic wars (Rome vs. Carthage (Phoenicians))

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Three bearded head pendants,protective amulets. Sand-core glass (4th-3rd BCE) from Carthage, Tunisia 6 cm

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Phoenician grave stele from Tophet in Carthage (modern Tunisia). Such grave markers were set up over burial urns for small children and animals which had been sacrificed to the goddess Tanit and her consort Baal Hammon. Canaanite symbolism: sun,crescent moon and triangle; the goddess below. British Museum, London.

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YOUTUBE Carthage: The Roman Holocaust (1/2) (with Richard Miles)

reconstruction of city of Carthage

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