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feito com gravetos

feito com gravetos

Mito grego Hipocampus-: um cavalo com a metade traseira de um peixe. Ele tinha uma nadadeira como uma juba e outros locais onde barbatanas no corpo. Eles tinham escamas verdes todo.Quando adultos os cavalos-marinhos eram montados por ninfas de água e deuses da água.



Ichthyocentauros--Esse palavrão horroroso é o nome de uma criatura dos mares que, segundo a lenda, habitava os mares da Grécia antiga. Essas criaturas eram dois irmãos deuses, eram meio-irmãos do sábio centauro Chiron, e filhos do de Poseidon e Anfitrite.

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Beware There Be Sea Dragons

Weedy Sea Dragons belong to the sea horse family grow only up to 45 cms or 1.5 feet long. They are instantly recognizable by their uncharacteristically long snouts and weed-like projections protruding from their bodies that disguise them amongst their favorite surroundings which are large sea weed beds. The body of the Weedy is usually colored in yellowish hues like the surrounding sea weed, but has striking iridescent blue bands along its upper body, and a straight tail that helps it steer.

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Merrows(Mara-Warra,Moruadh, Murrughach,Sea-Cows,Walrus-People, Muardachas)They're a breed of Irish Sea/Atlantic Merpeople.The males appearance is gruesome,their females gorgeous.The name Muardacha is used as an alternative to Merrow,however it refers to marine beings w/fish tails upper bodies of cattle,goats or horses.It's said that some encounters w/Merpeople maybe sightings of dolphins or other marine mammals.The hybridization of piscine animal parts is reminiscent of ancient…

GREECE's_Ichthyocentaurs: These were a pair of centaurine sea-gods with the upper body of a man, the lower front of a horse, and the tail of a fish. They were set in the sky as the astronomical constellation Pisces.

Ichthyocentaurs, a pair of marine centaurs with the upper bodies of men, the lower fronts of horses, and the tails of fish

Weedy Sea dragon has a longer thinner nose than the leafy sea dragon and bright blue bands along its upper body

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Twigs , Branch and Driftwood decoration ideas

fish using driftwood