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6 Funny Faces J.Law Made at the SAG Awards!

I'm more interested in what she saw that caused her to make that incredible face. :D Love this woman.---- It looks like a face one of my friend makes!

I just love Jesy and Perrie's faces rn

Jade and Leigh : OMG that was so funny Jesy and Perrie : They're crazy 😂😂 those face expressions are everything

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Teen star: Elle showed off her goofy side when she struck several different fun poses including growling and making funny faces. An ideal posing chart to show the fun side of teen portrait photography.

This is possibly one of my favorite pictures I've ever come across. Audrey was always poised and collected in the public eye - the ideal role model. Apparently she had quite the sense of humor and fun side as well which shines through in this picture :) Truly, one of the greatest people to ever grace this earth!

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These are the type of selfies I take. I'm special....

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I love her solo much. People say she has flaws but I saw that's why I love her

The Many Funny Faces of Jennifer Lawrence: a lot of my wedding photos looked like this while talking with guests

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The Many Funny Faces of Jennifer Lawrence: a lot of my photos look like this while talking with people!