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Centro De Emprego Madeira

Rifled artillery projectile, Tennessee design, Confederate manufacture at Marshall Texas, bursting shell, pattern with, four studs, copper disc sabot, wood time fuze, Confederate rifle 3 in.     Projectile was Confederate manufactured and is believed to have been developed at the Marshall Texas arsenal using the Tennessee design with significant modification. This sabot pattern, employed four short studs and a center stud, the sabot was cast onto the shell, and was not manufactured and…


HygroScope explores a novel mode of responsive architecture based on the combination of material inherent behaviour and computational morphogenesis. The dimensional instability of wood in relation to moisture content is employed to construct a climate responsive architectural morphology.

Rustic Jewelry Display Organizer Western Panel with Ring Tray-15" tall--- "Patent Pending"

Western Jewelry Display Panel with Ring by FaithinGodRanchshop, $40.00


Richwood Creations was founded in 2012 in an effort to create local employment and fund various youth organizations in Richwood, WV. All materials and resources are sourced locally or within the state. Each piece of wood is hand-selected for every order. After the design is perfected, personalized orders are engraved through a unique laser process. From start to finish, they prioritize meticulous attention to detail and a handmade authenticity.

Vinyl Signs for outdoor Fantasy directions Sign ON SALE TILL 4/30

Vinyl Signs for outdoor Fantasy Sign by LegacyScreenPrints on Etsy, $28.00


they actually do a lot around the park, but this is still funny


Postseason Sweepstakes

MLB Chevrolet - Postseason Sweepstakes


Anyone who has ever engaged in serious job searching and applied for jobs, especially online, knows the entire process is a job in itself. To make life easier for craftsmen who are trying to find employment, we’ve created a list of places that post woodworking and woodworking-related job opportunities.


Office Furniture Leasing by Taycor Financial


Love this big open room with the large skylights.