Chau Chau puppy

The one thing I love about Chow Chows is that, as puppies, they all look like Winnie the Pooh.

Top 10 Most Expensive dog breeds We always had 2-3 Chinese Chows our entire childhood! The females were mean when in heat! Loved the purple tongues, the male's were not as mean! We had 2 this color, a bloack one & I believe a blue one!

Rumor Alert! Ghenghis Khan to Star in a PetSmart Commercial

5 Most Expensive Dog Breeds of all times, Chow Chow puppy :)

Charley Chau dog snuggle bed, ideaal voor honden die graag onder de dekens kruipen.

Dog Snuggle Beds in Weave

The Snuggle Bed: for your favorite cuddle bug. 41 Insanely Clever Products Your Dog Deserves To Own