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But keep in mind. Every dog plays the field until he gets what he was seeking for. Just like every bitch find that dog , that falls inlove with her.

1. Being faithful is a decision: it is solely up to HIM whether he will be faithful not how good, bad, sexy you are in bed. 2. Being faithful comes with maturity: most men decide to stick to one woman after going through a season of messing around & a life changing event like getting caught cheating & losing everything or giving their life to God. Now stop blaming yourself. #Blackcitygirl

all those filters may get a like but not a lifetime! When a man finds virtue he finds his ruby and will stop chasing glitter! But when you're glitter well. Be a ruby. Key word "Man" not gender but character Pic credit

If he cheats...he was never worth your time anyway. It is true...He isn't good enough for you. Besides it's better to date a man with a sense of self, than a man who knows nothing of himself.♤

The other woman is never as good as the wife. That's because, the other woman is well, just that. just the other woman.

Nothing annoys me more than when... #liars #cheaters

25 Ways of Getting Revenge On Your Cheating Boyfriend Nothing annoys me more than when someone expects you to be okay with something that they wouldnt be okay with if you did it.