apacidade para 20 toneladas de lixo e a três metros de profundidade, estes bigtainers são ligados a duas lixeiras na superfície, feitas de aço galvanizado e acessíveis a pessoas com mobilidade reduzida. Periodicamente o contêiner é trocado, sendo levantado por uma espécie de elevador que emite alertas sonoros para alertar os passantes. Espera-se que dessa forma o mau cheiro seja eliminado, o risco de enchentes diminua e o número de viagens do caminhão de coleta seja reduzido.

Food can be recycled though this does not mean reusing it as it is. It can be recycled into organic fertilizer. Though some types of food are not recyclable, still a great amount of it can be turned into organic fertilizer instead of just leaving them behind getting rotten and creating unpleasant smell, unsightly view and causing some problems on health.

Deodorizer Ideas

Waste collection on the other hand involves the logistical organization to ensure that the bin containers won’t be overfilled and sit time of wastes is not prolonged. The right size of the garbage container and the service frequency is a must in order to prevent excessive smell or overspill.

We just watched a one-hour documentary on TV called the Garbage Revolution. A couple in Canada agreed to keep their garbage in their garage for 90 days, except for the “wet garbage” or organics, which fortunately did include the diapers produced by their third child, still a baby. Still, the smell in their garage got pretty bad, and there was one vivid shot of maggots. They weighed the wet garbage, and they came up with 320 pounds of it over the 90 days. They ended up with some 83 bags full…

12 Fantastic DIY - Garbage can Shed so They are Hidden, the Smell is Confined, and Animals dont get in!

And you thought you were having a bad day (9 Gifs and 4 Photos)

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