The band was formed in Chicago, Illinois. Description from I searched for this on

CHICAGO, THE BAND-POSTER Great horn players. Their concerts were great! Such good memories of my high school days, listening to them!

Chicago. The stuff from the 70s puts them on my list of favorite bands ever. Wish I could have seen this OG lineup.

Music notes: Chicago mystery solved

Chicago (1972)

Chicago with Peter Cetera. I Loooove Peter Cetera! Chicago wanted to keep their lead singer nameless and faceless but it wasn't his fault we couldn't help but love him!

Chicago, the band (chasing the wind, you come to my senses and all the rest that remind me of unrequited high school love)

Today in 1973 our radios were playing the hit song of the year from Chicago, 'Feelin' Stronger Everyday'

Chicago the Band

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Robert Lamm.... total crush on this guy from teen years.....and he's still out there playin music!!!  Chicago.

Robert Lamm (October American keyboardist, o. known from the band Chicago.

I've lost count as to how many Chicago concerts I've attended.  By far, one of my favorite groups!

Chicago, the band: John used to fly them around. He loves their music.

Chicago music group -original start up group (No Peter Setara, pre1990s)) from the 60s-80s. I grew up listening to them in music class and in my aunt 's bedroom.

The Legendary Music Group Chicago

The Legendary Music Group Chicago/One of the most amazing bands ever! My favorites include: Old Days, Searchin' & Love Me Tomorrow!