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Hopscotch, played outside in the fresh air, with merely a piece of chalk and the ability to jump.

Metal Jacks and Ball  Many,many, many, hours playing with these "things" I can still feel the flipping and gathering!

Playing at recess and on the sidewalk at home. Tossing the ball up, scooping up the Jacks, onesies, twosies. How high can I go? Later, I remember using a golf ball. It bounced so high!

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25 Mega Realistic Oil Paintings by Dutch Artist Tjalf Sparnaay - I love hyper-realistic paintings - especially when glass is depicted. the way the artist uses the reflected light and use of bold colors is amazing.

70s Toys and Games | Fourth Grade Nothing: Milton Bradley's Perfection Game

This game stressed me out! 1970 Toys And Games - Bing Images ~~ The game that made me jump even thou I knew the timer was running out.

The 15 Most Creative Toys From Our Childhoods Scary Mommy

The 15 Most Creative Toys From Our Childhoods

How to Play Cat's Cradle by ifyoulovetoread #Kids #Games #Cats_Cradle

How to Play Cat's Cradle by ifyoulovetoread Kids Games Cat's Cradle

Hopscotch | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Supplies needed: chalk or sidewalk paint, stones/bottlecaps or bean bags. Playing hopscotch is easy. First, make the paint to create your hopscotch grid.

eu tb tinha um desse, mas não lembro o nome desse brinquedo, só sei que adorava

Your Favorite Toys From the ’80s

Chinese Checkers ~ I remember playing this game "outside"with the neighborhood kids on summer days.

Chinese Checkers in a Tin with Regular Checkers on the other side and marbles and red/black checkers inside. I loved playing Chinese Checkers! Getting the tin open could prove to be an adventure at times.