That is true! He will also show respect in how he understands your wishes and does things that please you! All within Gods way. : )

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I'm an old soul that believes in chivalry, romance and love ~ adrian michael

Definitely an old soul.makes it all the more difficult to connect to another soul in a busy-technology filled world that I cannot fathom.resulting in many lonely nights.

with half of my heart

Its sad when you see girls get decieved and cave into emotions rather than look at who a guy really is.

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Chivalry is not Dead

Code of chivalry. This was the code of conduct during medieval times between knights.


Action has always spoken louder than words. I wish you nothing less but success.

Chivalry n. 1. The combination of Qualities expected of an Ideal knight, especially courage, honor, courtesy, justice, and readiness to help the weak. 2.  Gallant Warriors or Gentlemen.

Here is the definition of chivalry. I think chivalry goes hand in hand with courtly love. To have the courtly love from the medieval times chivalrous behaviour is a requirement. But is chivalry dead in this day in age?