Chronic illness. And the moment following when you realize you are using too many spoons doing a happy dance lol

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Weekly Inspiration from ProHealth - That feeling when you temporarily feel well.

#aplasticanemia Funny But True: Memes -

but true Yep.because they always find some other new chronic painful illness because once you have one there are so many other ones that connect to your first main chronic illness.

If it weren't so sad I'd laugh

chronic illness meme: oh my cousin's friend's sister's girlfriend used to have that, she had magic healing moon fossils implanted under her skin and now she's fine, you should ask your doctor about that

Lol. Ongoing joke grams and I always had. It was a pretty close competition

My name is Athena, I am have had fibromyalgia for 3 years, suffered chronic pain & fatigue for most of my life as well as many other chronic illnesses.

chronic illness mem: pain lets you know you are still alive. man i feel so, so, so alive right now

My 4-Word Response to the Mom Blocking the Accessible Bathroom Stall

As many people who live with chronic illness know, laughter is sometimes the best medicine. A sense of humor can be essential to getting up each day and moving forward despite the many challenges that chronic illness