A new study shows that people who enjoy dark humor are generally more intelligent and less aggressive than people who take offense at it.

Smart People Have a Dark Sense of Humor

You'll be flabbergasted as you create one perfectly smoked delicacy after another with little more effort than preparation. Fully assembled for under $300.

As we awaken from the worst winter hangover in memory, our thoughts turn to flower blossoms, chirping birds, and replacing that rusty old grill and smoke.

Things to do this Summer in Boston

Everything You Absolutely Must Do in Boston This Summer

Recipe for White Wine Sangria for a Crowd - Ever need to make a large batch of booze for big group and don’t want to spend $200 on fancy wine and fresh fruit? Today is your lucky day my friends.

White Wine Sangria for a Crowd

White Wine Sangria Recipe ~ for a crowd… Lightly sweet, with a fruity citrus fizz, this cocktail is always a huge hit!

Essa delícia é maravilhosa mesmo sendo preparada de uma maneira diferente - Aprenda a preparar essa maravilhosa receita de Pudim de Leite - Não vai ao forno

Pudim de Leite - Não vai ao forno - Veja a Receita:

Kit Churrasco premium - 10 pessoas

Kit Churrasco premium - 10 pessoas

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The perfect Easy Greek Salad for your 4th of July Barbecue! www.thebusybaker.ca:

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