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Feel Alone - Love Quote


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Lonely is not being alone, it’s the feeling that no…


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quotes about feeling alone and lost

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I feel alone and unwanted...

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See, I kinda agree with this because yes, it does hurt but, there is always someone you will love more than another. And you have to accept that because everyone has favorites but you can't be hurt by it because you are someone's favorite, you might just not know who's in particular.

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This could be the reason I always feel alone cause I never open up only build walls

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I'll think you back to any moment in time if you feel my heart if you feel alive its like we're back on the west coast making love like we're in hospitals

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Spend some time alone to get to know yourself. Then, when you meet the person who makes you cells dance, you'll be sure it, because you're sure of yourself.

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Apartamento Minimalista em Kiev, 2bGroup

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Why do I always end up alone?

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