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Nap time after a cookie   Princess Sassy Pants
Fancy dinners are nice, occasionally. Nap dates should be de rigueur, in my humble opinion. =^.^=
Nap Time.
Nap Someecard
I am loved! !
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Decide every morning that you are in a good mood
Awww! This is absolutely me right now. In the heart of the third trimester.
Let's Begin By Taking A Smallish Nap or Two ~ Winnie the Pooh. Totally going to have a classic Winnie the pooh nursery when the time comes :)
I need a nap & by nap i mean a small coma so i can hide from my life
LOL at nap time when they were little!!
Nap time is my happy hour, do you agree? Funny quotes for mom.
Funny Fitness Quotes
it's nap time!
funny-baby-nap-time-costume-photo This is amazing!!  What a creative mind!