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The gift that just keeps on giving

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Libra constellation stars poster, zodiac sign gift, astrology poster, libra traits poster, birthday gift

Libra constellation stars poster zodiac sign by Riverwaystudios

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Charles Bukowski …

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Principal e fundamentalmente - contrariando a teoria popular - das coisas que não fiz.

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I find it HI-larious that this is making the rounds as an inspiring quote when the context in the movie has to do with dreaming up a larger weapon (in this case, a bazooka) with which to shoot the hostile subconscious of the dreamer.

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Dream_ON //

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Inception *-*

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Julian Rentzsch e Stellavie Design Manufaktur Movie Director_6

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inception quotes - Google Search

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I never realized this until I watched Inception. It's true though, while in a dream, everything that's strange seems normal-like it's real; when you wake realize it was weird.

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