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Hurt Quotes my biggest mistake is thinking that people care for me as much as i do for them

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hplyrikz: Clear your mind here

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It does... Momentarily. Afterwards, pick yourself up, knock the dirt off, and move forward! Rejection is direction! Thank God for protection from things you dont know!

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when+you+get+hurt+from+a+sister+who+has+bipolar+quotes | Tired Of Being Hurt Quotes Hurt quotes and sayings -

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Life And Style on Etsy

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feeling invisible quotes and sayings - Google Search

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Top 30 sad Quotes

You asked her to go with us to meet your parents. You were going to pay for her when we couldn't even make rent. I slept for hours while you played xbox with her and all I did was cry and pretend like I didn't mind that my boy friend was falling in love with my best friend.

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thanks for not replying to my text quotes - Google Search

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Top 30 sad Quotes

Oh he knows. And he gets satisfaction from it. You groped me and almost raped me saying that you loved me. You did love something about me and that my body. You loved to grope me and when I said stop You thought you should do it until my spirit broke.

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