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http://viva- "Para ver coisas novas é necessário renovar o olhar..." (Wagner Borges)....... "Mude a maneira como vê as coisas, que as coisas que você vê mudarão". (Wayne Dyer) + ....... "A dificuldade não está em aceitar novas ideias, mas em se libertar das velhas". (John Maynard Keynes) +.... "É fácil viver com os olhos fechados, entendendo errado tudo o que você vê". (John Lennon) ...

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Love it! Too bad it's too long to put on a buckle!! #montanasilversmiths


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John Wayne : You're short on ears and long on mouth. short, long, listening. Meetville Quotes


Courage is being scared to death and saddling up anyway. -John Wayne


JW Quote~"The West, the very words go straight to that place of the heart where Americans feel the spirit of pride in the triumph of personal courage over any obstacle, whether it be nature or man."


(Credit to Teddy Capulet) I worked at the drug store, but hardly anyone ever came in. When I was bored, I would customize the sign outside with joyful messages which often brought more customers. Some of their names I could remember, but no one stuck out. That is, until you came in. I'd like to say that the lights shone on your face and your eyes sparkled and from that moment, I fell in love. In all actuality, you were trying to shoplift.