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Esta bebida caseira, pode levar a perder 3 kg e 12 cm de perímetro abdominal em apenas 4 dias. A bebida à base de mistura de água com limão é aclamada como uma boa forma de desintoxicar o corpo e ajudar a perder peso.


26 Fatos que Você não Sabia sobre O Mágico de Oz (1939)

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Pics of Famous Starlets Riding Bicycles

Audrey Hepburn (and Mr. Famous) a study in living well and aging gracefully. More than just the LBD from Breakfast at Tiffany's


Most nights I'm afraid to close my eyes because that's when my memories are at it's strongest and it hits me, hard. I try my hardest to forget but I can't control what my mind thinks about while my body tries to rest. I have to keep reminding myself that it's just a bad dream, you see, it felt so real. theres tragedy running through my veins.


Produtos para bebês e crianças

this is just too cute! would be so fun to bring baby home from the hospital.

Would be 'really' funny if it weren't almost true. LOL! [Maxine has about a decade and a half in age on me.] Que Sar Sar!! Maybe one day it will be... not true anymore. #findloveagain #passion #revirginized

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