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After playing Civ 5 for years I unlocked these two achievements in one game! #CivilizationBeyondEarth #gaming #Civilization #games #world #steam #SidMeier #RTS

When you play Marathon games it's always nice when you get to wrap one up on a special day. Merry Christmas /r/civ hope you get you're own victory screen today no matter which civ game you're addicted to :) #CivilizationBeyondEarth #gaming #Civilization #games #world #steam #SidMeier #RTS

Hierarchy - Civilization V This is the tech tree for Civ 5, viewable in game, and you can see there is a progression from left to right.


Editorial: CIVILIZATION VI Is Out And I Can't Stop Playing MASTER OF ORION

I recognize and realize in the wake of Civilization VI this is probably the WORST time to tell you about a new long play strategy game, but Master of Orion commands your attention. Of course, Master of Orion isn't exactly's been around since 1993 and launched a couple years after the first Civ game. After three entries the series has now been revitilized for a new era and is supposedly the best it's ever been. I popped in the game briefly on Friday afternoon to check it out…

Twilight Imperium 3rd Edition. Another mind bogglingly awesome looking space civ game.


Age of Empires III: The Age of Discovery | Image | BoardGameGeek This game is an intense combination of worker placement and area control. I was surprised how relatively easy this game is to learn; don't be fooled by its complex appearance. We enjoy playing this two player and look forward to another round of this quick civ. game.

GANE. The last time I checked on the hours I’d sunk into Civ V since 2010, it was somewhere around 250. I have played almost every single Civ game since the first and have loved almost all of them. So, sitting down in the Civilization VI theatre at E3 had me tingling with excitement long before …

Civilization IV. Among strategy games, 5/5. The first civ game that got it right. Extremely addicting gameplay, deep mechanics. Just ... one ... more ... TURN!!


My playthrough of a super-slow Civ game: Marathon Time! Part 1: It Begins(or Oh God It's Slow) #CivilizationBeyondEarth #gaming #Civilization #games #world #steam #SidMeier #RTS