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Ancient Rome: Supercity. I love the study of Ancient Roman architecture, art, history and the incredible society they built. I even enjoyed using the archives at the NY Public Library to research traditional recipes from the time period. The Romans used a sauce from dead fish guts to season their food. It is akin to today's Worcester sauce. Who knew?


Assista ao primeiro trailer de Silence filme estrelado por Liam Neeson, Baseada no livro do escritor Shusaku Endo a trama se passa no Japão no século XVI.

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Anunciado 'Civilization VI' e quinto jogo da série está com 75% e desconto

"Civilization VI", sexto jogo da popular série de estratégia, chega em outubro com grandes mudanças para o funcionamento das cidades.

Favorite civilizations and leaders from Civilization IV, plus all-new civilizations including Assyria, Austria, Brazil, the Huns, Inca, Indonesia, the Iroquois, Morocco, Poland, Polynesia, the Shoshone, Siam, Songhai, Sweden, and Venice. Great graphics with new hexagonal maps for more realistic combat.

Yao with Wu Zetian - Coloured version of - Art by


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Games Republic Revokes Steam Keys After $15.99 Misprice

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Editorial: CIVILIZATION VI Is Out And I Can't Stop Playing MASTER OF ORION

I recognize and realize in the wake of Civilization VI this is probably the WORST time to tell you about a new long play strategy game, but Master of Orion commands your attention. Of course, Master of Orion isn't exactly's been around since 1993 and launched a couple years after the first Civ game. After three entries the series has now been revitilized for a new era and is supposedly the best it's ever been. I popped in the game briefly on Friday afternoon to check it out…

Districts in Civilization VI are an enigma for many. They're one of the most ambitious and complicated additions to the franchise and it takes playing a...

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Let’s (try to) Play! Sid Meier’s Civilization V

sid meier's civilization 5 v civ 5 comic roads building