Mobile Chandelier 13 by Michael Anastassiades Known for his clean lines and classic shapes, London-based Michael Anastassiades has added three sculptural designs to his Mobile Chandelier series. This is the most impressive of the three, combining horizontal lines with semicircles.

10 of the best new lighting designs at Euroluce in Milan

Small Studio Apartment Ideas: How to Build a Bedroom in an Open Plan Flat

Small Studio Apartment Ideas: How to Build a Bedroom in a Small Home

RH TEEN& Hexagon Wood Curio Shelf - Natural:Crafted of solid wood in a variety of geometric configurations, the clean lines of our shelving yield center stage to the items stored within.

Yesterday I showed you guys my new white subway tile backsplash and I promised I would give you a cool tip and trick for how to caulk like a pro. Now I would like to take full credit for this, but my good friend Sarah actually gave me this tip. I at least get the …

How to Caulk Like a Pro (Tutorial) - How To Nest For Less

How to Caulk Like a Pro. Get those beautiful clean lines just like the professionals by using painters tape to outline where you will be putting the caulk

Clean Paint Lines -with clear paintable caulk

Getting Clean Paint Lines With Textured Walls