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Even discarded keys and coins can be turned into beautiful art with some creativity and the right sort of know-how. Michael (or Moerkey), an artist in Australia, does exactly that, turning discarded keys and coins into bottles, lampshades and other beauti

Art Jewelry Elements: A penny for your thoughts? Thoughts on coins.Stacey Lee Webber This stuff is gorgeous!

Coin Art - foreign coin collection I LOVE this idea. Im slowly collecting foreign coins thrown in the tip jar at work, I think theyre really nifty and beautiful. Might not even wait for enough for a big frame, just get ittle ones to fill up :)

Love this frame that holds all the sentimental foreign coins we have from our trips to Europe before the EU currency existed // Seen on Sheena's scraps and scribbles

What This Guy Did To This Boring Table Is ALL Kinds Of Genius. So Jealous.

Artist Jacqueline Lou Skaggs — painting miniature oil paintings on the copper surface of discarded U.

Michael, aka Moerkey turns discarded keys and coins Into works of art.

Bedow — A world map used by Erik Penser Bankaktiebolag to visualize economic markets. The map contains approximately coins and every continent is built out of its countries’ currencies.

Love this DIY penny table! With pennies going away this would be a super cool way to keep them around, and im sure be an antique soon enough lol Grouted and sealed, would make a beautiful shower floor!

25 Pretty Penny Projects To DIY

DIY: Penny Covered Letters - DIY project using paper mache letters, pennies & glue- via The Crafted Sparrow

"Coins of The World" by Edgar Artis.  Dress is made out of 117 coins collected from around the world. The message of this drawing is let's love and respect each other. It doesn't matter where we are from. We all have the same feelings and emotions. Let's be unite.

"Coins of The World" by Edgar Artis. Dress is made out of 117 coins collected from around the world.