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Brown shorthaired dachshund with Angel (profile) / Lynch signed folk art print (Weiner / Wiener Doxie)

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Steel grid (from Springtail Solutions) for Molle bags mounted to driver's side cargo area. Also has Mag light holder and a magnetic folding light

The Illustrated World Encyclopedia of Insects: A natural history and identification guide to beetles, flies, bees wasps, springtails, mayflies, ... crickets, bugs, grasshoppers, fleas, spide/Martin Walters

PDFs are decent enough swimmers, it's just a few man made deals in the tank that put them in situations where they can drown.

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Acanthanura Springtail~

on a leaf - marie1179 - Only Dicyrtomina ornata the last days...not even seen a glimp of another springtail. Because of the freezing temperatures ? 3 layers of 3 images merged in photoshop cs6 for the focus on the springtails. - IFtemppicpinned in Building blocksdownld in ios #January 6 2017 at 08:50PM#via IF

This will bug you... The indestructible micro-animals that can survive the vacuum of space - and most of them are after your blood

Would this make you jump? The springtail is one of the most abundant 'micro-creature' on the planet, with an estimated 100,000 of them for each cubic metre of soil

Springtail Snout – Pit Bulls of the Topsoil

Springtail Survey - Ed Phillips 01 - Yet another from a series of shots I\'m doing for to establish the size and differences between the various instars of this Katiannid springtail. The process is proving most int... IFtemppicpinned in Building blocksdownld in ios #January 13 2017 at 09:34AM#via IF

✯ No, this isn’t some nightmarish version of the Easter Bunny. The springtail is one of the planet’s most populous micro-creatures, with an estimated 100,000 of them for each cubic meter of soil.✯