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Marilyn Monroe real

A dona destes cliques é Eve Arnold. A fotógrafa começou sua carreira em 1946 como foto-finalizadora em Nova York, aprimorando seus conhecimentos em 1948. Estudou fotografia na New School for Social Research, em Nova York e faleceu em 2012, aos 100 anos. Dentre as premiadas exibições da fotógrafa, estavam incluídas as com fotos de Marilyn. O legal (...)


Muitas pessoas estão a beira entrar em um colapso mental e emocional por conta do seu trabalho. Parece que em época de crise isso se agrava. Porém, é preciso tomara alguns cuidados.

I <3 you...The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.

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7 Essential Korean slang words you should know - Part 2

"멘붕 (menboong) : mental breakdown - 멘탈 + 붕괴 - 멘붕 is comprised of 멘탈 (mental) with 붕괴 (collapse). This phrase literally means that the mental status is collapsed and on the fritz. It is usually used when something shocking or bad happened, you get so confused and don’t know what to do."

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Rarely seen vintage photos of celebs (41 Photos)

“The photograph of Kurt Cobain in tears has been extensively published. Tilton watched Cobain smash his guitar through an amplifier and walk offstage. He followed him backstage. The pent-up emotion ‘just had to go somewhere,’ says Tilton, and Cobain burst into tears. ‘What I really love about it is that it is a very real moment and he allowed it. Other artists would have said, ‘Not now, Ian, please.’ It is very unusual,” adds Tilton, ‘for anyone from a band to show such vulnerability.’”

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Selfportrait - Vincent Van Gogh #art

Tilikum. This beautiful orca has been through so much in captivity. Establishments like Seaworld have destroyed his mental and physical well-being. In the wild, orcas have human-like lifespans, but in captivity they only live for about thirty years; and ~100% of males in captivity have collapsed dorsal fins compared to less than 1% in the wild.


This picture symbolizes self-destruction of our civilized self. "Maybe self-improvement isn't the answer, Tyler never knew his father. Maybe self-destruction is the answer." Tyler and the narrator see themselves as rejected from the time of their birth and by their own father figures who probably never really wanted them in the first place. #rothzroom