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Colchão Casca De Ovo

de Dicas de Mulher

8 maneiras inovadoras de reaproveitar a casca do ovo

Como escolher o colchão ideal


Mattress Cover, 80x200cm height 12cm

Bemz mattress covers in Sandhamn Stripe Blue/White, Sandhamn Stripe Black/White, Silver Grey Panama Cotton, Vreta Gingham Blue/White and Bolster Stripe Egg Shell Blue. Cushion covers in Sandhamn Stripe Blue/White, Vreta Gingham Sand/White.


EGG6 is a packaging design for eggs. The spiral-shaped cuts on the board work like springs in a mattress, providing a soft and elastic support to the eggs inside of it. Both the lid and the tray have spiral buffers to alleviate the bumps and shakes that may happen in


Reader Submitted: "Mattress for Eggs" Packaging Prevents Shell-Cracking Bumps and Shakes

Snoozer Luxury Orthopedic Cozy Cave Dog Bed w/ Microsuede


Mattress for Eggs - by Sichen Sun / Core77 Design Awards

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Coaster Queen Ornate Spindle Headboard and Footboard in Egg Shell

Coaster Queen Ornate Metal & Footboard Egg Shell Headboard #Coaster

Mattress for eggs by Sichen Sun at


Iron Beds and Headboards Queen Ornate Metal Headboard & Footboard Bed with Egg Shell Finish

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An Airstream and Playroom by the Beach

Not wanting to live, literally, on the street, the couple searched for land with utility hookups to rent; they found an idyllic plot, nestled within a vast fruit orchard, in a suburb near Tel-Aviv, ten minutes north of the city and just off the beach. The plan was to stay for three months. Instead, they decided to make it their permanent home. “We didn’t feel like living in a trailer was hard or small or stressful,” says Keren. “We felt the opposite.”