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A day in San Lorenzo National Park, Panama

San Lorenzo Fort, Colon, Panama

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Jewels of the forest: The fascinating world of tree frogs

The strawberry poison frog or strawberry poison-dart frog (Oophaga pumilio, formerly Dendrobates pumilio) is a species of small poison dart frog found in Central America. It is common throughout its range, which extends from eastern central Nicaragua through Costa Rica and northwestern Panama. The strawberry poison frog is perhaps most famous for its widespread variation in coloration, comprising approximately 15–30 color morphs.

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Colon, Panama

Corte Culebra, Canal de Panamá, Culebra Cut, Panama Canal

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1963 PHOTOGRAPH Colon Panama Latin America REAL PHOTO Street Scene COLUMBUS

Portobello , Colon Panama , Rep. de Panama

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10 Cosas que puedes hacer en la provincia de Colón #Panamá

10 Cosas que puedes hacer en la provincia de Colón #Panamá - @HIMGPanama

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Colon, Panamá

Statue of Jesus in Colon, Panama Contact Panama Roadrunner for a tour to Colon and Portobelo

Colon Panama

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Ciudad de Colón, la segunda en importancia del istmo de Panamá. Actualmente se está empezando a remodelar y reconstruir las principales vias. Flor Fossatti.

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