Blueprints of Restaurant Kitchen Designs

Blueprints of Restaurant Kitchen Designs

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Carriage house conversion by Bennett Frank McCarthy Architects. Photography courtesy of Bennett Frank McCarthy Architects, Inc.

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Get a perfect industrial kitchen that inspires you to be creative - Interior design - A perfect industrial kitchen means having a successful business in food field.

The Jean-Georges Kitchen From on High - / Brett Breyer photo, While designing the kitchen at his namesake restaurant on Columbus Circle, Jean-Georges Vongerichten traded American efficiency for Old World tyranny. The five food stations, staffed by six cooks, in a choreographed dance .

The Jean-Georges Kitchen From on High

Restaurant style in your home kitchen: a butcher block, open shelving, glass backsplash, and bold tile

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DESIGN :: PROJECT ORANGE  The design of this galley kitchen is reminiscent of a restaurant kitchen design, down to the stainless steel cart-as-island that can move out of the way when needed. {design :: project orange}

Why I Love Galley Kitchens

London architecture and design firm Project Orange designed a commercial galley kitchen for a couple who run a monthly dining club out of their home. A stainless steel cart on casters serves as a moveable island. Photograph via Project Orange.

How to Equip Professional Kitchen at Home.

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Después de invertir tanto dinero en equipo comercial para la cocina de su negocio, como en neveras, planchas, freidores, hornos, etc. Usted querrá obtener el máximo beneficio y servicio sin …

Lo Que Debes Saber: Consejos Para El Mantenimiento del Equipo de Restaurante

“Building Haven’s was big because I learned how to make a commercial kitchen. Although it is a not a restaurant, we built it so that restaurant chefs could come and do supper clubs and make dinners. It needed to be this hybrid where home cooks wouldn’t feel intimidated and feel comfortable learning but also where professional cooks wouldn’t think it was crappy stuff. There is like the golden triangle or whatever it’s called. I don’t think it is called the golden triangle. It is where you…

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