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The dumbest smart jokes, the stupidest funny answers. These are the best of the worst math puns and wisecracks!


Are Computers Male Or Female? These Students Have The Answer.

Programmers and other technical types have a bad habit of letting their profession intrude into their personal life. Sometimes this even leaks over (a stack overflow, we believe) into their emotional

Programmer Love Coffee or Tea Mug

27 Things Only Developers Will Find Funny #web #design #funny

27 Things Only Developers Will Find Funny

Funny pictures about Programmers' Frustration. Oh, and cool pics about Programmers' Frustration. Also, Programmers' Frustration photos.

Geek Humor | Hardware Problem  Funny Technology - Community - Google+ via Monika Schmidt #progammers #geek_humor #funny

Cody started programming at the age of He has an incredible ability to solve complex problems in user interface design.

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37 Funny Puns That Are So Bad They're Simply Hilarious