Conic Sections: great visuals and history!

This is a fun example to show students the relationships of circles, ellipse, parabola and hyperbola as well as the connection to astronomy.

If only Algebra II class had been this tasty ... Scones - S'Conic Sections :-) Use paper water cups as baking wrappers

Math Class Made Delicious: Learn About Cones Through Scones

Sconic Sections: Conic Sections are the four classic geometric curves that when a cone-shaped Scone is sliced revealing a smooth, flat plane: the circle, ellipse, parabola and hyperbola.

Conic Section: a curve obtained as the intersection of a cone (a right circular conical surface) with a plane; consists of those points whose distances to some point, called a focus, and some line, called a directrix, are in a fixed ration (eccentricity); traditional 3 types of conic sections: 1. hyperbola 2. parabola 3. ellipse; circle: special case of an ellipse (sometimes called the 4th type)

Conics are of three types: parabolas, ellipses, including circles, and hyperbolas.

Math = Love: The Conic Section Foldable That Wasn't

Math = Love: The Conic Section Foldable That Wasn't (The comments have some good ideas to try.