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Novo Raio-X do Enem: os temas mais cobrados na prova de matemática

Novo Raio-X do Enem: os temas mais cobrados na prova de matemática

Saber o que cai no Enem ajuda a se preparar para o exame. Confira o novo raio-x do Enem com os temas recorrentes na prova de matemática nos últimos 3 anos. Provas do Enem 2014 acontecem em 8 e 9 de novembro

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Não adianta insistir!!!

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Bernie Beats the Ever Living Hell out of Wall Street Dope Alan Greenspan; A Must Watch

I Am a Strange Loop by Douglas R. Hofstadter,

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I'm glad there's a word for this...I experience it all the time.

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Playful Ways to Learn Weights and Measures

Playful ways to learn weights and measures - part of the cool maths for cool kids series featuring all sorts of fun way to teach mathematics to children.

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STEM Sell: Are Math and Science Really More Important Than Other Subjects?

STEM sell: Are Math and Science really more important than the other subjects? - Alfie Kohn -"Just listen, then, and learn that while there may be other problems, too, the truly urgent issue these days is that we're just not investing in math and science instruction the way we should be -- with predictably dismaying results. No, it's that kids are outrageously ignorant about history, a subject that ought to be, but never is, a priority. No...And so on." (CONT.)

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The Building Blocks of Early Mathematics: Learning Trajectories for Young Children with Julie Sarama and Douglas Clements. This webinar discusses common paths children take as they develop number sense.

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Emotion color wheel. This is interesting. With job-searching on the mind, it's interesting to look at this and consider what color(s) I'd wear to an interview.

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