A great character, from one of my favorite games.
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Lao - Xenoblade Chronicles X; One of BLADE’s team leaders. His combat ability and sense of judgment is said to have been well-noticed by Elma. Lao has a sensitive side in spite of his looks, speech, and overall cool image. A Passionate man deep down to his heart. Lao has been friends with Doug since their days in the United States Army.
Xenoblade Chronicles X —Elma, Lin & Tatsu. Artwork By G u c h i c o .
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Irina - Xenoblade Chronicles X; Irina belongs to the private military organization known as “BLADE”. She worked for Elma when she was a part of the United Government Special Operations Unit, which is otherwise known as “Doll Corps”. Though she has a strong-minded and frank personality, Irina has a strong sense of duty to protect the people of Planet Mira. Monolith says of the character: “The BLADE member with an overflowing sense of duty”.
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Doug - Xenoblade Chronicles X; Doug excels at all military skills, but is the most effective when it comes to piloting Dolls. is easy to make fun of despite his stern looks. Doug served under Elma in the Doll Squad back on Earth.
Guin - Xenoblade Chronicles X; A member of the private military organization, BLADE. Back on Earth, he worked as a subordinate of Elma and Irina as part of the government spec-ops vehicular instructor corps known as the Doll Squad. He occasionally messes up here and there, but he’s an honest character who admires Irina and also has a bit of a crush on her.
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Elma - Xenoblade Chronicles X; The team leader of a private military organization, known as BLADE. She’s calm and composed, and has a keen sense of judgment and insight. She’s well-respected by the members of BLADE.